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Orange You Glad You Added Chocolate

If you are revisiting The Stuffed Goose for a restaurant review or one of my very own recipes, sorry to let you down, but… not this time.  If you are ready to bite into something so insanely and inappropriately delicious, then read on.  Deb Perelman, I promise I’ll share something original after this post… My […]

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Dill Pinwheels

Deb Perelman became my culinary hero when “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” hit the shelves on October 30th 2012.  Literally drooling over every page, I quickly became obsessed.  But what really had my taste buds cheering – Deb’s cheddar swirl breakfast buns,  or what I like to call Dill Pinwheels. Lined with cheddar jack cheese, fresh dill and chopped […]

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Happy New Year from The Stuffed Goose

Welcome to my blog!  Today marks the official launch of The Stuffed Goose.  After months of taking my sweet time developing the site, it was time to click publish when my best friend eagerly inquired, “Meggie, when do I get to see the Fat Hen?!” …an equally clever and fitting title, but all the same, not mine… One […]

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